The large event rooms as well as the open-air area are perfectly suitable for numerous events.

This expansion of the wine museum serving as communication center was the last initiative of its founder, Mayor Stefan Behm.

The National Folk Music Festival

Das Volksmusikantentreffen


The beginning was in the year 1981. On the property of school principal Franz Bachkönig a number of local folk music groups gathered there to perform. Meanwhile this event has become an annual fixed institution for Moschendorf.

At first, only folk musicians from southern Burgenland found their stage here. However, with the completion of the wine museum in June 1983, sufficient room and a large open-air space were available, and the meeting was increasingly popular - both by the visitors and by a still increasing number of folk music groups, also outside of Burgenland.

The 13th Music Festival in 1993 already attracted more than 2000 visitors, with coverage both on radio and television. As the number of performing groups was steadiy increasing, the festival is now lasting for two days.

In 2011, the 30th anniversary was celebrated: on two days at Whitsun, more than 150 musicians appeared, and the broadcasting station Radio Burgenland with their morning program "Frühschoppen" was also taking part in the festival.

The "Picnic" of the American emigrants


Moschendorf, like so many other Burgenland municipalities, is one of those places where in the 20th century more villagers lived in America than in their homeland.

Especially in the interwar period the emigration wave had its climax due to economic crisis, the absence of industry in the southern Burgenland and the peripheral situation at the border. The main destination of the emigrants were the United States.

Nevertheless, most of the emigrants did not lose contact with their homeland. Some even returned, including the founder of the Wine Museum, a native from Northampton, Pennsylvania, Stefan Behm. He organized the first "Picnic" in the Wine Museum in 1993 - a meeting of Burgenland emigrants.

This event also became a fixed annual institution, which gives family members on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean the opportunity to meet each other again.

Other Events


  In addition to these regular events, the Kulturverein Moschendorf also organizes folk meetings, readings, exhibitions of artists and numerous other activities. Thus, the Moschendorf Wine Museum became an important cultural attraction for tourists and locals. The dates of the events are regularly updated on this website. Moreover the reservation of the rooms of the Wine Museum is also possible for celebrations, weddings, exhibitions etc.

Events 2019

Sun 21.4.2019
  Opening of the Wine Museum with Uhudler tasting

Sat 4.5. - Sun 5.5.2019
  "Spring in Southern Burgenland", Days of Open Cellars – Weinidylle Südburgenland

Sun 9.6.2019
  38th Folk Music Festival in the Wine Museum

Sun 7.7.2017
  Picnic - The Meeting of Burgenland Emigrants in the Wine Museum