The Meeting Center in the Wine Museum Moschendorf

Wine is associated with sociability.

It seems to suggest itself to use the museum's largest building as a meeting place.

The "Volksmusikantentreffen" - the annual performance of Folk musicians - which has had a tradition in Moschendorf for over three decades, also had a stage here.

In the beginning was the old barn

picture picture

  The large barn from 1893 is in the center of the terrain. It was set up as a functional room and can accommodate over 80 people.

  The bar was constructed with the adapted parts of a huge wine press dating to the year 1701.


  The armchairs in the barn show a special feature: They all come from donors and sponsors, whose names can be found on a brass plate on the backrest. Many former emigrants who emigrated to the USA took part in this action.

Expansion of the Event Center


  One of the last initiatives of former mayor Behm was the generous expansion of the event space.


  Connected to the old barn, a modern, style-compliant annex has been built, providing space for another 120 to 200 people under its roof, making it a center for - not only - regional events.


  And this is for the little ones: While the parents are tasting the wines, the kids can enjoy a "barrel slide".


  The functional rooms of the museum can also be rented privately for company parties, weddings, cultural events etc.